Akimbo Review

Nesting Fossil"Over at the Art Gallery of Peterborough, they’ve just opened their Inaugural Triennial Exhibition, focusing on Peterborough-area artists...

...There are a couple of ceramic sculptures by Claire Hogenkamp, an artist I don’t know but whose stuff is intriguing in its negation of the medium-specific functionality that clings so fastly to clay. Nesting Fossil comprises a plate on which rest three nested porcelain vessels all of which are broken. From a broken cup laying on its side, the titular fossil has spilled out onto the plate, metaphorical evidence of any number of things, but perhaps primarily of the dissolution of the idea of the vessel. Leaning Lid reiterates such thematic brokenness with two porcelain vessels stacked one atop the other, the uppermost with most of one side of the container broken away and its lid on its side contained within."

Excerpt from: http://www.akimbo.ca/akimblog/?id=518

Reviewer: Gil McElroy - March 20th, 2012