mmka - Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem

mmka has two special attractions and I enjoyed both, when I visited, December 6, 2011.

The first attraction is the caliber of its exhibitions. I visited the “Jewelry Unleashed” exhibition, which showcased the work by some of The Netherlands brightest and most radical young jewelry designers. They showed me jewelry design is miniaturized sculpture, with artists using everything from recycled trash to precious metals. The results were often stunning and always surprising.

Another good exhibition was of the Dutch painter Dick Ket. He is a well known artist and a contemporary of the English artist Sir Stanley Spencer whose exhibition I had seen in Rotterdam. It was a treat to be able to compare the two artists in supporting exhibitions. I felt very lucky indeed.

The Second attraction is the Museum’s site. It sits perched on a hill overlooking the Rhine River and the Arnhem surroundings. During my rest breaks, I found myself turning my back on the art to look out the windows at nature’s work. It is a small and cozy museum that doesn’t overwhelm the art and is very user friendly. I really recommend a visit.

Visit the museum on the web.