Just when my sculpting career appeared to be taking off, I dropped off the Canadian Art Map very abruptly in 1970.  I'm sure people wondered.  But I didn't.  I moved to New York to study Film and TV production at Columbia University.  I had been a sculptor and printmaker of national stature and was growing more interested in film making for various reasons, but not the least because it provided a means of earning a living that sculpture couldn’t.  I needed to earn a living.  Poverty does not make for better art.

And so I had another, eventful life that took me to New York City, Toronto, and eventually to Peterborough.  And I did not sculpt.

Every summer I came back to the family cottage in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains to introduce my daughter to cottage life, nature, and simple pleasures.  Each summer I painted and photographed the landscape around me and so it continued over many years.


I’m retired now and still painting and taking pictures.  I have been a champion of the Arts and an advocate for more Arts funding and recognition.  There are all kinds of excellent, talented people here in Peterborough that are eking out tenuous livelihoods as artists or working in unrelated day jobs to support their art.  If my volunteer work has helped in some small way to keep the creative fires burning, I’m happy.

But now it’s my time.

Night Sky, 2011, Keep Looking Up Series - iPad Sketch Pro 


Artist's Credo

"There are sculptures to finish, more paintings to do and time is not on my side. I feel the need to open up my private world to let people see my creative process and shed some light on my Zen question. “If an old woman paints and sculpts in solitude all her life is she an artist?"